Fashion or Faux?

The “copycat” epidemic threatening Australia’s fashion industry has affected designers at the helm of global international labels and small home-run brands alike, and as the line between what’s genuine and what’s replicated becomes increasingly blurred, the question on everyone’s mind is what is Australia going to do about it?


The Art of Imitation

Some believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but when it comes to fashion the consensus is not so. Intellectual property within the fashion world is not so cut and dried as in other industries, with designs and concepts as easily stolen as taking candy from a baby. In fact, the creative realm as…

Think Green, Think Verde Baby

  An online directory where beauty converges with the unique, Verde Baby serves as an eco-fashionable stream of consciousness for apparel, toys and accessories for the under three set. Established in August 2015 by mother of one, Chantelle, whose passion for effecting even the smallest of changes is what sets her business apart from its…