Joolz for Days

These three 028

As far as carriages go, Cinderella may have had her magical pumpkin but when the “fairy godmothers” over at Joolz Australia sent my princess this beautiful ride I’m pretty sure Cinders was a tad green with envy!

The Joolz Tailor is one of many styles available from the pram brand and its USP comes via the option to customise it to your personal style sensibility. Discovering my third addition was to be a second girl, I got seriously excited about preparing the ultimate baby girl necessities and chose the Old Pink accents on my Joolz which contrast beautifully against the soft graphite hue of my pram.

So easy to assemble, which my husband and I did in the manner of our kids on Christmas morning, and even easier to fold up or down to stow in the car or take it for a walk; the Joolz is also very lightweight and easy to maneouvre, even for my almost 3 year old.


At the time this picture was taken baby was only a week old and we hadn’t figured out that there are two clever loops on the matching diaper bag which hook onto corresponding pegs on the extendable handle, which in turn can be levered out for the taller parent or lowered to accommodate helpful siblings!

The bar that sits across the middle of the pram clicks in and out for easy access to baby and the basket that rides below the bassinet is wonderfully deep and spacious, proving particularly useful when one has two other children who always require copious items to be toted everywhere with them or when a walk to the park also includes a detour to the supermarket on the way home!

I have had so many comments on my Joolz, from friends and strangers alike, and I’ll admit I sometimes opt to walk to the shops instead of drive just to show it off! It is the most glam pram I’ve ever owned, definitely fit for a princess and without that annoying habit of turning back into a pumpkin come midnight…


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