World Hug Day

Trolls 057

So it’s World Hug Day this Sunday (21 January 2018) and to mark this auspicious day and kick off their Hugs and Happiness campaign, Dreamworks put their biggest hug advocates front and center at a special VIP morning tea.

Trolls 060

Princess Poppy and Branch, stars of the Dreamworks animation Trolls (2016), surprised the assembled littles and their mamarazzi companions to hand out hugs and kodak moments a plenty right under the beauty of the blue Sydney skies and the iconic Harbour Bridge. All about spreading friendship and kindness throughout the coming year, my littles got on board immediately as my eldest made a picture for Poppy and handed her the balloon she’d just been given as a present!

Taking the opportunity to dress the kids up a la Troll, I trawled our local shopping centre to find wigs but came up a bit short, refusing to splash out $34 on character costumes just for the wigs (which incidentally the kids were given free at the event) but managed to find a couple of cute rainbow coloured Trolls Alice bands in Big W (see pics below) and through the magical power of Facebook a Mum offered to lend me a purple Trolls wig for my Miss 6.

So with colour in mind as I perused the kids’ wardrobes this morning I had fun dressing them up as brightly and boldly as I possibly could and then of course making them pose for me so I could capture the moment for posterity (and the internet of course!)

Tutu: Cotton On Kids
Monster Tee: Kmart Australia
Polka Dot romper: Mothercare UK
Noah & Raphaella’s Shoes: Paperkrane

World Hug Day is this Sunday 21 January 2018 so get those arms ready, shake off any intimacy issues you might have and get hugging!

 #aMillionHugs #WorldHugDayAU


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