Be You, Be Unique, Be KaPow Kids

Blueprints for building structures are not too far removed from the foundations of fashion design if you think about it. Both architecture and fashion derive from inspiration, an appreciation of art and the ability to shape materials into a thing of beauty. So it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the creative talent behind kidswear brand KaPow Kids was first an architect.

Andrea Goulding, Melbourne-ite and Mum of two navigates her small business empire with the help of her husband, having quit architecture to focus entirely on creating fabulous apparel for little fashionistas. “The design aesthetic is bold and sometimes a bit quirky,” says the designer of her brand, whose thunderbolt harems, sunflower yellow Roar print and thundercloud-adorned top-knots and tees are indicative of a style that is unique in its colour ways, concepts and creativity. “It is the way I dress myself and my kids,” says Andrea, “I don’t like plain or boring! And I love animal prints. So basically KaPow is all derived from my favourite things to wear!”

The winter collection, available now, sees a mix of the seasonally expected, in the shape of cute penguin and racoon prints, and the expectedly KaPow with Boom, Zap, Pow and Kapow adorning charcoal jumpers, Boom knees transforming ordinary black leggings into something quite extraordinary and sumptuous pink leopard print taking simple dresses from a wardrobe staple to an item that exudes signature style. That essence of signature appeal is something that feeds into the KaPow Kids brand itself with a name as distinctive as the clothes bearing its moniker.

Drawn to fellow brands whose vision is as individual as her own, Andrea has lent her prints to another of our favourite designers, Paperkrane as well as the coolest print-maker for pram-liners Chuck and Taz, and the designer confesses that given the opportunity she’d jump at the chance to collaborate with Kip and Co.  “I love their bedding; it’s so funky and different. Imagine a KaPow kids X Kip and Co doona?” In fact on the subject of bedding, the designer reveals if she ever veered away from kids fashion she’d love to design women’s nightwear “…because I live in pyjamas!”

Comfort is of course key, and no more so than when it comes to comfort in one’s own choices and how that plays out on the world’s stage. “I’m constantly learning,” Andrea says of her KaPow Kids journey and its presence in the social media sphere, “but most of all is to stay true to myself.” Putting her designs out there with the simple hope that people continue to be inspired by her brand, her unique sense of style and her determination to “be me”, the designer has proven herself a beacon of individuality. “To thine own self be true”, to quote Shakespeare’s famous line from Hamlet, a message we all want to relay to our children and one that exists in the very foundations of the ethos behind KaPow Kids.





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