Team Denny and Noah

Introducing our brand new blog, a collaboration between me, their Mummy, and them, my darling duo Denny and Noah. Every morning, Denny comes to wake me and asks to dress up. While costumes are oft selected, “dress up” to Denny refers to any outfit in her wardrobe. A little stylist in her own right, my little fashionista will walk into any shop and put an entire ensemble together, from accessories to outerwear and shoes, and in her bedroom it is no different. Her favourite item is by far the tutu and with a number in an array of colours, they feature rather prominently in her style playbook. Regularly taken for a double of the legendary Shirley Temple on account of her blonde ringlets and trademark bows, my¬†little star loves to dance, sing and essentially take control of the spotlight at any and every opportunity.

Next up is Mr Noah, a.k.a. Disney Eyes and the baby of our family. I’m convinced he was studying up on Charm School 101 in utero as without fail he turns it on with everyone we meet subsequently reducing them to a smitten jelly-like puddle! A girlie girl at heart, my boy-styling has certainly evolved past the standard tee and pants combo and that is in major part due to the wonderful and unique brands and small businesses I have discovered through Instagram which acts as the very visual companion to our blog.

Here at you can expect entries based around my fashion pair’s outfits of the day and the adventures that always seem to manifest as a result. We hope you enjoy delving into our stories.


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